Dienstag, 22. April 2014

May 14 - Photo floral sweatshirt,Pleated flare dress,embroidered floralracer,shirt in honey pie print and phote floral ,dress in surfer floraland more

Another trip to the crew:)
I bought a dress from Anthro on saturday,which is total love.When i came home the dress i discovered it has a hole as if somebody cut a triangle out. Anyway they put another one on hold,that i had to pick up. Since i was in the mall anyway,i might as well check out the new arrivals,right?  I included a pic of the Anthro dress at the end.
I went with high hopes,but i was a little underwhelmed. 
This is a picture heavy post:)

Embroidered tunic A8431Z. $118
My store didnt have a 0 for me to try(somebody put it on hold), so i went with the 00. 
It fit fine,but i still would like to try the 0.
I was surprised how "heavy" the tunic was,it feels just like a denim shirt(which it is) with embroidery on it.
The vneck is also very deep as you can see. 
I expected a flowy summer tunic and this is def not flowy. 
The embroidery is very nice!
Edit: I tried the 0 and i liked the fit better. Also tried the white version and it is lighter(fabric wise) and TTS.

Close up,you can see the deep vneck.

Not sure of the name of this popover,it has blue/white stripes.
This was my surprise love.It fit TTS and is soft and summery.
I am wearing the 0.

Embroidered floral racer,size 0, TTS.
I liked the tank and the embroidered flowers.
It also comes in black,which i didnt see.

With the Andie shorts in railroad stripe.

Perfect shirt in honeypie print size 0, TTS.
Not my style,but the fit was nice and the cotton soft.
The color is called dark green but it also comes in blue.

close up of the print

Boyshirt in neon tropical jaquard,size 0.
It fit,but it ran small.

close up of the print

Pleated flare dress in navy,size 0,TTS.
The fit was nice,but i didnt like the pleats. The were kind of bulky and stiff.
Maybe it would look better on a tall person,as the lower part was to poufy for me.
I thought i had a pic from the side,but i must not have made it. The pleats were kind of sticking out.
A lot of people will like the length,as you can see it came to my knees(i am 5f 2").

Cove Floral surf dress,size 0,TTS.
I love the print and the fit of this dress,but the structered neopren was a deal breaker for me.
It would be too hot for summer with the thick fabric.

close up

side ways

Top in brushstroke floral
The 0 was already gone in that top,so i had to try the 2,which is too big.
I loved this shell and it is wishlisted.  It looked great with the Andies in railroad stripe.

Popover in neon floral,size 0,TTS
I didnt car for the print and the fabric.
It felt a little bit like last year citrus print shirt.

Photo floral sweatshirt,xs,TTS.
This is a heavy sweatshirt and not really summery feeling.
I didnt care for the print,but the quality and fit was nice.

Photo floral top
The SA brought me a 10 instead of the 0 ,so thats what i am wearing. I was too lazy to get the 0 :)

Metallic trim linen tee,xs.
I liked it on the table,but i wasnt crazy about it on me.
The trim is more sparkly IRL.

Eyelet tee,xs,TTS
It is sheer,but i think it would be cute in navy. No xs in the navy for me to try.

This is the dress i got at Anthro, it is called the Tisana dress.
I love the flowy-ness,the color and the fit.
I am wearing a 0. It will be perfect for the recitals and BBQ in the summer.
It has a little flapper girl vibe.

side view

Hope you enjoyed the reviews!

Let me know what you think!!!

Montag, 21. April 2014

Quick review of the workshirt in pink plaid,linen beach pant and the paneled eyelet dress

This is the workshirt in pink plaid. when i tried it on it was still full price,$98. 
It sold out in in march and then got restocked in april.
Now it is down to 34.99 after the discount and well worth it.
I am wearing a 2, so it runs small. The 0 did fit,but i liked the 2 better on me.

With the Martina's in thistle.

Linen beach pant fro the may catalog A7090Z 
TTS,i am wearing a 0. It is long and i think it looks better on tall ladies.


Paneled eyelet dress from the may catalog A4897Z $148
I am wearing a 0,so TTS.
I wSnt crazy about the flounce on the bottom,but this could look nice on taller ladies,i think.

side view

New color in the linen v-neck sweater,dark navy.

Minnie in foulard,size 2petite.
TTS,great fit.

Have a great day!

Freitag, 18. April 2014

May 2014 catalog

A nice SA gave me the May catalog,enjoy!

I tried the paneled eyelet dress  on page 25 and it is TTS.

Hope you enjoyed the pics!

Let me know what you think:)